We are a grassroots organization. We recognize that addiction and mental illness are diseases. Our goal is to go further than just housing and feeding. We understand that housing and feeding the homeless is needed. Our goal is to help our people be productive members by making sure we instill hope and a value of self-worth. We will have transitional homes with mandatory treatment. We will teach budgeting, housekeeping, anger management, and other groups.


  • we understand and value shelters and getting low-cost housing. I have personally seen people get independent housing only to lose it within a year. The question needs to be asked why. There are many reasons. I will talk about the main reasons.
  • The main reason is there must be a follow-up monthly during the first year.
  • Training is needed to maintain housing. after years on the street, you just don't go to an independent housing knowing how to maintain housing. Think!!! does that make sense to you. If you would like to give your support and help this organization give LASTING help, hope, self-worth, and dignity.                      PLEASE DONATE




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